St Helens Reporter to become town’s first digital-only news channel

The St Helens Reporter will continue to be the best place for news and will continue to be a powerful voice for the town
The St Helens Reporter will continue to be the best place for news and will continue to be a powerful voice for the town
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The St Helens Reporter is to move to an exclusive 24-hour news digital model.

It is designed to allow our team of journalists to more speedily respond to the changing demands of our audiences.

And the move, which will see our print edition close, is entirely in keeping with the history of the St Helens Reporter.

We were the first fully established newspaper to set up in St Helens, more than century before the St Helens Star.

Now we are the first professional media organisation in St Helens to move to a digital-only platform.

We are proud to be first to deliver the news in print format for St Helens and are proud to have done so for the past 157 years.

Times though have changed, as have habits and whilst it is clear that the appetite for quality local news and sports is as strong as ever it is also vital that we can serve this rich content in a more timely manner.

By focusing more time on our digital channels, unbridled by an old format and weekly print deadlines we can improve the service to our readers and to our advertisers. will be the go to source for all that is happening in St Helens.

With the continued audience growth we are delivering online will be the ideal marketing solution for businesses who are looking to advertise their products and services.

It has been an honour to be the leading news organisation in print for the past 157 years, with newspapers being the ideal method to get our stories out.

However in a crowded market we want to stand out and lead the news agenda, breaking stories as they happen and developing them through the day.

In leading the change and moving to online, we are aiming to enhance our reputation for being a powerful voice for local news and sport and informing on everything that is happening in St Helens.

We intend to continue to be a forefront of driving forward the agenda for the town and who knows, there may be times where print will compliment our approach, so watch this space for developments in that area.

We are really excited about our plans for - we have an exciting roster of columnists - including top stand-up Dave Twentyman, council leader Barrie Grunewald and MP Marie Rimmer, with more set to be confirmed, giving you their unique take on St Helens today.

It is about today, the here and the now -