St Helens rail commuters face eye-watering fare increases

Candidate on the shortlist to become St Helens North's Labour PPC
Candidate on the shortlist to become St Helens North's Labour PPC

Rail passengers in St Helens are being ripped off by fare increases, new figures produced by the borough’s MP suggest.

Conor McGinn has obtained statistics demonstrating that rail season tickets for commuters from Garswood, Rainford, Earlestown and Newton-le-Willows have risen by a staggering 25 per cent since 2010.

And he went on to challenge the Secretary of State for Transport to explain why rail fare increases locally continue to outstrip those experienced in wealthier areas.

Mr McGinn said: “The cost of travelling to and from work for many of my constituents has risen by a quarter. This is simply unacceptable at a time when many people are struggling to make ends meet.

“The Government has allowed blatant profiteering that is ripping off passengers and the Secretary of State has failed to justify why prices have been allowed to rise so quickly.

“It is not good enough. More needs to be done to ensure that transport is affordable for the people who use it.“

Figures obtained by Mr McGinn show rail season tickets for passengers travelling from some of the borough’s stations to Manchester now stand at over £2,000.

For example, season tickets between Garswood and Manchester were £1,888 in 2010 and are now £2,328.