St Helens police show their support for National Reserves Day

Chief Constable Andy Cooke with constable Andrew Holsgrove
Chief Constable Andy Cooke with constable Andrew Holsgrove
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Merseyside Police officers who serve as reservists in the military are showing their support for National Reserves Day, which gives organisations the chance to thank their staff for giving up their spare time to serve their country.

Reservists have to balance their civilian life with a military career, and are prepared to be on hand to serve their country if needed. They are currently supporting operations worldwide including in Iraq, Afghanistan and South Sudan.

Speaking at an event last night (Tuesday 20 June) at Bootle Town Hall in Sefton, where the 4th Battalion of the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment received the freedom of the borough, Chief Constable Andy Cooke, said: “I am conscious that the contribution reservists make to this country’s armed forces can sometimes go unrecognised.

“Staff here at Merseyside Police often go beyond the call of duty in their day jobs, so I’m not surprised so many of them volunteer to give up their free time to serve in the military.

“It’s vital that we recognise our officers and staff, who alongside their day job, work as reservists to protect the country. I would like to thank them for their dedication, professionalism and commitment in serving their country.

“It was a proud moment for me to spend time with members of the regiment and with Andrew Holsgrove, who has been working for Merseyside Police for 15 years and has just returned from seven months’ service as a reservist with the United Nations in Cyprus. The visit gave me a real insight into the hard work they do and I am really proud of all the Merseyside Police reservists who give up their spare time to protect others.

Andrew Holsgrove added: “Merseyside Police has been very supportive towards me and other reservists who are also police officers. Our military commitments mean we can be away from work for some time but we always feel fully supported by our senior managers

“I have recently returned to work after seven months’ service in Cyprus for the United Nations. I believe this experience both benefits the police and the army. I have gained lots of transferable skills such as communication, conflict resolution, cultural sensitivities and the discipline needed to serve.

“Receiving the freedom of Sefton last night was a proud moment both for me and the regiment. This kind of honour shows the community really does appreciate the sacrifices service personnel make when serving their country.”