St Helens mum’s warning after daughter’s horrific seaside injury

The injury caused to Jenny Chisnall's daughter
The injury caused to Jenny Chisnall's daughter
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  • Horror injury during day out on beach
  • Mum says daughter has been through agony since the accident
  • Christmas tree left on beach to help prevent coastal errosion

A Christmas tree left at a popular sea-side resort left a nine-year-old St Helens schoolgirl with horrific injuries.

Now mum, Jenny Chisnall has issued a warning to other parents after her eldest daughter suffered weeks of excruciating pain after slicing her foot open while playing in the sand dunes at Formby Beach.

She really isn’t the same bright, bubbly girl she used to be. It’s affected her so much as it’s taken a long time to heal and I’m just thankful

Mum Jenny Chisnall

The 29-year-old watched in horror as her little girl tripped and caught her foot on one of the branches of the dumped tree.

Not only did this take a number of layers from the skin, causing her to lose large amounts of blood, but the injury also became infected, which led to her having to take strong antibiotics.

And unfortunately, the brave youngster had an allergic reaction to them - doubling her recovery time.

Since the incident, the Grange Valley Primary pupil hasn’t been able to participate in any school activities or sports and has become increasingly withdrawn.

It is believed the tree was one of many left on the beach to help prevent coastal erosion.

Jenny said more action needs to be taken to prevent the scheme causing serious injuries such as these.

The mum-of-three added: “A family day out, which was supposed to be enjoyable in the country’s rare summer sun, has just ended in misery.

“There were loads of dead Christmas trees in the sand dunes it’s scary to think that something worse could have happened.

“My daughter has had a miserable few weeks as the injury has caused her to miss out on a lot of school time, swimming lessons and playing with her friends.

“She really isn’t the same bright, bubbly girl she used to be. It’s affected her so much as it’s taken a long time to heal and I’m just thankful that none of my other children were hurt, especially my little boy who is just one.

“It’s really put me off wanting to go to that beach again and I would urge other parents to think twice before taking their child there.”

Just last week the St Helens Reporter spoke to the family of 10-year-old Fleetwood youngster Emmalee McCormick who received devastating life-changing injuries after paddling in the sea.

The Charles Saer Primary School pupil was playing with friends on Fleetwood beach, close to the YMCA, when she felt a scratch on her foot.

When she looked down she saw blood pouring from the wound after the metal casing of the disposable barbecue made a deep slice from her heel to the top of her foot.

This led to her needing emergency surgery for the injuries.