St Helens’ McDonalds go digital

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As part of the dramatic transformations that will redefine customers’ experience, the St Helens Church Street restaurant is also now one of the first in the UK to trial new table service.

The three McDonald’s restaurants in St Helens on Church Street, St Helens Linkway and Chalon Way, have undergone new and exciting transformations over the past 18 months following the biggest investment McDonald’s has ever made in St Helens to improve the experience for local customers. It also now makes it the first town in the UK to see all of its McDonald’s restaurants undergo the change.

Digital innovation is at the heart of the changes which focus on providing customers with more choice as to how they order and pay, adapting how the food is prepared and served and offering new technological features to create an environment that is even more welcoming and enjoyable.

State of the art, self-order kiosks will give customers the option of a brand new experience when choosing and ordering their food at McDonald’s. They will be able to browse the entire menu and check out the nutritional information of each meal at the same time. Once customers have completed their order, they pay swiftly by card or contactless. In the kitchens, new lay-outs and increased technology means McDonald’s iconic products will be made especially to order for customers, with every burger and wrap being freshly prepared.

These major developments will provide the foundations for current and future changes to the McDonald’s menu and service experience. One such feature is table service which was introduced in the town centre restaurant on Church Street on 2nd September. It is part of a UK pilot scheme following a successful roll out at the McDonald’s in Mottram, Manchester.

With table service, customers will be able to order from the digital kiosks, with the food then delivered to their table. All the restaurants undertaking the trial, will still offer the option of ordering at the till. The trial will take place at a small number of locations across the UK, aimed to test with diners how the enhancement is received. It is just one of the major developments introduced to enhance McDonald’s menu and service experience in the UK.

As part of the wider digital transformations across the three St Helens restaurants, free to use tablets have also been installed at some tables for customers who want to check their newsfeed and emails or play the latest games. The restaurant redesigns also include striking new décor throughout which create an enjoyable space for everyone to enjoy.

Local Operations Consultant Josh Morriss said: “We are so pleased to have completed the transformations across all three restaurants in St Helens, making it the first town in the UK to receive the full digital make-over. A lot of our customers are really tech-savvy which is one reason why we’re trialling table service here. This additional benefit enables customers to order at the self-order kiosk and then sit down at a designated zone to get served. From mums coming in with their kids, to people having a working lunch, I expect the feedback to be positive.

As McDonald’s constantly strives to bring more innovation to customers in the UK; the future could see even more exciting features introduced if current trials prove successful. These include the option to customise the classic burgers that customers know and love and ordering and paying by smartphone. Customers in some restaurants will also be able to enjoy interactive table-tops games whilst they share a meal and even charge their smartphones using wireless charging devices.”

Paul Pomroy, CEO, McDonald’s UK, comments: “We have listened to customer feedback and, to meet their evolving expectations, we are significantly investing in our restaurants to create an exciting new environment and improve the customer experience.

Part of this is testing new ideas. For example we know that for parents it can be tough juggling the kids and carrying your food, so we have decided to trial table service, whereby customers place their order and then have their food brought to them.

It’s an idea that has been successfully launched in other markets and we’ve already received positive feedback following the first trial in the UK (in Mottram) so we’re keen to see if it will prove as popular with our customers in other parts of the North West.”