St Helens manufacturer ‘over-charged’ with £15k of water bills

W. Maass Ltd
W. Maass Ltd
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A long-standing St Helens firm was over-charged on its water bills by a staggering £15,000.

Manufacturer W. Maass Ltd was hit with the huge bills after automatically renewing its existing contract.

But after employing the services of leading energy management specialist, Orchard Energy, discovered they being wrongly charged.

Established in 1980, W. Maass Ltd has continually expanded its facilities in St Helens to become one of the UK's market leaders in the manufacture of pipe flanges and subsea pipeline components.

The company serves the needs of the oil, petrochemical and process related industries and uses a vast amount of water for mixing coolants for machinery and non-destructive testing operations.

Orchard Energy specialises in helping businesses save money through analysing their utility bills.

By carrying out audits on their water usage, gas and electricity, Orchard’s team of specialists can identify areas where clients are overspending and make recommendations on how to reduce future energy bills and consumption, as well as implement the work that needs to be carried out.

Orchard Energy analysed W. Maass’ utility bills and found that some meters were out of contract and they were paying high rates.

As well as this, the company was paying water bills for a unit that didn’t belong to them.

Orchard managed to get all their meters in order, along with competitive rates, helping the company save £15,000, as well as substantial savings on their gas and electricity.

David Toone, managing director at W. Maass Ltd, said: “Previous to working with Orchard we relied on automatically renewing our existing utility contracts, but by establishing a partnership with Orchard they now handle everything from assessing our existing contracts including renewals, through to ongoing price analysis, projected savings, and provide market analysis reports.

“Orchard Energy has helped create substantial savings for the company which will greatly benefit our planned refurbishment project. Without their expertise we would have never been able to recover the money we were entitled to.”

Orchard Energy is urging firms to check their water usage and energy bills ahead of the deregulation of the English non-domestic water market in April 2017, which will give businesses choice in their water supplier.

Gareth Henderson, managing director for Orchard Energy, said: “Customers in Scotland already receive a better deal as a direct result of competition. In 20 months’ time the non-domestic water market is set to change, which will give businesses across England an opportunity to negotiate better prices and choose a company that really delivers an excellent service.

“But businesses don’t need to wait until then make some significant savings on their water bills as W. Maass Ltd has found. Our team of experts can interrogate bills and break down charges to identify areas to reduce both water usage and bills. Usually we can go back as far as six years to claim for refunds.”