St Helens man claims social care cost victory

Theresa May
Theresa May
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A political operative who grew up in St Helens has told how the influential thinktank he works for sparked Theresa May’s u-turn over pension social care costs.

Sutton Manor-born Dr Jon Stanley, Health Research Fellow for Bow Group – the UK’s oldest conservative think tank – was part of the Group’s press release published last Thursday condemning “the biggest stealth tax in history”.

Dr Stanley said: “We are why the U-turn happened. We did the press release last Thursday morning and by late Monday morning the Conservatives have U-turned partly on it, at least.

“The original idea has been thrown out the window and we are now pushing for more detail on what is to come.

“Our paper, ‘Dilnot Recapped’, backs scrapping a cap on care costs in return for a cap on all care costs after five years and the retention of the principal of keeping the rate of asset depletion tapered.”

On Monday morning, Prime Minister Theresa May ditched manifesto plans to make pensioners contribute more to the cost of their care, dubbed a “dementia tax” by critics, in favour of a cap on lifetime care costs.

The original measures meant that the homes of adult receiving social care would need to be sold after their deaths to pay for the care, whereas those who receive hospital care for serious illnesses like cancer get their care for free.

Dr Stanley, who was previously a doctor in Liverpool, added: “We want people to pay but it has to be fair. The party’s propositions were all or nothing.

“This will benefit people all across St Helens.”

Mrs May rejected the idea of the policy change being a U-turn, stating that: “Nothing has changed, nothing has changed.”

She added: “These are good and sensible plans – they provide the beginnings of a solution to social care without increasing taxes on younger generations.”