St Helens Greens welcome new PM (with one or two caveats!)

Prime Minister Theresa May
Prime Minister Theresa May
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St Helens’ branch of the Green Party has delivered a welcome message to new Prime Minister Theresa May.

The party, which scored has bolstered in standing in the borough with an impressive display in the 2015 general election, call on Ms May to stand up for ordinary voters.

David Morris, branch press officer said: “Hearing Theresa May’s remarks as she entered Number 10 for the first time as Prime Minister, we Green Party members were astonished.

“Workers sitting on corporate boards? A tax system for the benefit of ordinary people instead of the super-rich? A fair shake for working families struggling to get by? These are the kind of policies we would expect from Natalie Bennet, rather than a long-time stalwart of the Conservative Party.

“Does she mean it? Who knows? The Tories record to date hardly inspires confidence but as a thoroughly middle-class vicar’s daughter who came up the hard way, our new PM certainly has more first-hand knowledge of the challenges facing regular folks than did her Etonian predecessor and his posse of the posh.

“If Ms May really is serious, will she be able to do it? To do so, she will have to turn her party away from the disastrous failure of Thatcher/Reagan trickle-down economics and its demon child, austerity – policies that have benefited the ultra-rich fans of the Conservative Party so much, and the rest of us so little. Is she really ready to do that? Is she really ready – and able – to close all the loopholes, raise taxes on the rich and give priority to the needs of people who will never be able to make six-figure political donations?

“We wish her luck. She will need it! One thing we cannot accept, however, is the downgrading of the fight against climate change.

“Words matter, and the fact that Ms May has chosen to drop these two from the list of ministerial titles lead us to believe that she simply does not understand the seriousness of the issue.

“Brexit, the NHS, education, revitalization of the economy, terrorism – these are all important things that deserve the new PM’s attention.

“The real and immediate threat of climate change dwarfs any of these problems, however, and our window of opportunity to deal with it without devastating consequences is rapidly closing. It MUST not be put on the back burner.”