St Helens family appeal for return of stolen bike

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A youngster from St Helens had his bike, a Christmas present from his parents, stolen over the weekend.

John Birch, aged 13, kept the Scott mountain bike in the shed of the family’s Eldon Close home in West Park.

But thieves told the bike after forcing their way into the outhouse late on Friday night or early on Saturday morning.

The victim’s mum Sharon says the theft has been reported to police, who told her a number of shed break-ins have taken place over the past week in the area.

She added: “They have broken the shed doors to enter and just took the bike, it was bought at Christmas and still like new as only been used about three times.

“It has been reported to the police and we know that there seems to be a lot of bikes in St. Helens been stolen over the past few weeks.”