Solo home show for urban artist

Mysterious graffiti artist Drunk Wolf
Mysterious graffiti artist Drunk Wolf
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A mysterious St Helens urban artist is returning home for his first solo exhibition.

Drunk Wolf’s work will be shown at The World of Glass from the end of this month at a show called St Helens Goes Pop.

The exhibition is based on the artist’s enthusiasm for the Pop Art movement headed by figures such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.

But in keeping with his outsider status Drunk Wolf, whose art is based on digital media and spray paint and who often hides behind a mask with a snarling wolf image in public, says he is planning a few extra events in his home town to coincide with the preview night on April 29.

He said: “I’m planning a themed art drop for the day. So if you’re around town at the time you’d better keep your eyes open.

“I still feel I’m on the fringe a little whenever I walk into an art gallery.

“I work a lot with the visual artist Kevin Crooks and the Yellow Door artists and they’re always egging me on to go out and do more things.”

Drunk Wolf, who shares with street art’s most famous exponent a love of being elusive and retaining an air of mystery around his identity, will return to his hometown for the exhibition after a spell in the south of England.

The launch night of St Helens Goes Pop will be preceded by a Free Art Friday, inspired by street artist My Dog Sighs who gave his art away for free in public places.

Drunk Wolf says he will be staying around St Helens for a few months while the exhibition is on and while he is working on a number of other art projects.

The artist said he created his distinctive creative name when he first decided to emerge from the shadows of the urban art world.

“I only got the idea about a year ago when I decided to go public,” he admitted.

“Hiding behind a name was all a bit tongue-in-cheek really.

“I was drinking a bottle of rum with my girlfriend and we started playing around with animal names.

“We ended with a long list and decided Drunk Wolf was the best.”

St Helens Goes Pop by Drunk Wolf opens at The World of Glass on April 30. The preview night is on April 29 and there will be a Free Art Friday on that day.