Sobering poll on extent of drink driving

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BOOZED-up motorists are regularly getting behind the wheel and venturing out onto the region’s roads over the limit, shocking new research has shown.

Jefferies Solicitors found 36 per cent of North West drivers who responded to a survey admitted knowingly driving over the limit, with 24 per cent saying they have done it more than once.

The research also found confusion over measuring how much alcohol people were drinking, with 41 per cent finding the units system unclear.

Almost one in three respondents believed it was possible to sober up more quickly using techniques which actually have no effect such as having a cold shower, getting fresh air and drinking coffee or water.

In addition, 64 per cent of those who work in a hands-on environment admit consuming alcohol the night before going to work and operating machinery, while 35 per cent of those who go for a drink after work then drive home.

However, the North West did fare better than London, where 48 per cent of people questioned admitted having driven over the limit.

Jefferies Solicitors managing director Michael Jefferies said: “It’s very important that people take extra care when driving on the roads, particularly if they’re heading out for a drink.

“Unless you’re clued up about units, the safest way to travel around is with a designated driver or taxi. We take on an increasing number of motoring offence claims related to drink driving around this time of year; the types of accidents that can easily be avoided, including those resulting in serious injuries or fatalities.”