Slimming success

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A CAMPAIGN to help people in St Helens live healthier lifestyles has been launched.

It follows a survey by Slimming World showing that 74 per cent of people in the town think that obesity is ‘a national crisis’ and 68 per cent want to slim down themselves.

The Slimming World’s Let’s Beat Obesity Together campaign in St Helens comes as the club’s National Slimming Survey reveals that down-to-earth residents in the North West shun healthy lifestyle advice from celebrities and sports stars.

Instead they take their lead from people in their local community, like friends, family and local health professionals.

The Let’s Beat Obesity Together in St Helens campaign is run for 12 weeks and encourage family, friends and the local community to work together to make the town a healthier place to live.

“It’s telling that so many people in St Helens see obesity as a national crisis,” said a spokeswoman for Slimming World St Helens.

“And it’s no surprise that so many people want to lose weight. When you’re feeling down about your size it can take over every aspect of your life, from your health and happiness to your work and relationships.

“I’m delighted that the people of St Helens recognise the importance of family, friends and the people around us in helping us to make healthy lifestyle changes.

“It’s something we know all about in my Slimming World group as, meeting every week to share our ups and downs, our motivations and our practical tips and ideas for healthy living, we’ve all become close friends.

“We help each other through our most difficult times, build our confidence.” The findings of Slimming World’s survey follow recent government proposals that will pass responsibility for managing public health issues like obesity to local authorities and GP groups.During the ‘Let’s Beat It Together’ campaign so far Slimming world members have lost a staggering 2,245688lbs! Anyone interested in finding out more should go along to their nearest local group. To find your nearest group visit or call 0844 897 8000.