Six reasons why town halls chiefs want to raise council tax rates

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Here are the main reasons why cash-strapped town hall chiefs want to increase council tax rates by 3.99 per cent.

* St Helens Council faces an £8.9 million (16 per cent) reduction in Government grant.

* It means a potential 3.99 per cent increase in council tax to protect services and invest in the social care that the Government expects the council to provide.

* The council faces additional costs due to the introduction of the

* National Living Wage and higher National Insurance costs.

* There will be a 0.8 per cent increase in business rates.

* There’s now a freeze on general funding for schools.

However, despite being under pressure, the council has still managed to:

* Invest in new, energy-efficient street lighting

* Attract investment in sports development at Ruskin Drive

* Boost highway improvements by attracting regional investment

* Maintain investment in our school estate

* Support large scale commercial developments