Shop yobs ruining our woods

Billinge plantation wood
Billinge plantation wood
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NUISANCE bikers are repeatedly targeting a 23-acre St Helens wood.

Woodland Trust chiefs are asking visitors to Billinge plantation to report any incidences of anti-social behaviour they witness at the site.

The wood has become a regular haunt of off-road bikers, who are illegally accessing the site and endangering the lives of walkers.

Colin Riley, who manages the site for the Woodland Trust charity, said: “Not only are these motorcyclists causing damage to plants and young trees on the forest floor, there is also the potential for them to endanger the lives of pedestrians who use the wood too.

“The police do, in certain circumstances, have the power to seize and destroy the bikes - but only if local people are diligent and report offences to the police on a regular basis.”

Anyone with information about the identity of motorcyclists using the woods is encouraged to contact their local police.