Sex attacker tries to kiss woman's feet

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A FANTASIST with a foot fetish made increasingly terrifying telephone calls to a Merseyside woman and indecently assaulted another woman and tried to kiss her feet.

And as well as threatening to carry out explicit sexual acts with his first victim he also made a similar suggestion about her 12-year-old daughter.

A court heard that as it was apparent the caller knew a lot about the victim and her movements she became distraught and a prisoner in her Whiston home.

"She refused to let her daughter go to a school for gifted children and on school trips because she was concerned her daughter would be snatched," said Rob Jones prosecuting.

The calls during 'the campaign of harassment' were intermittent but at their peak there were three or four a day. "They were progressively disturbing and of a sexually explicit nature. A constant feature was his references to her feet and he indicated that he would like to involve himself in various sexual activities with her."

After she had endured five months of phone calls, despite attempts to block them, the caller, Jordan Scott-Michael, was arrested by police – and the 37 year old victim was horrified to learn that he was a neighbour's son with whom she sometimes chatted.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that Scott-Michael's disturbing behaviour also included using the mobile phone belonging to the indecent assault victim to ring her parents and boast of sexual activity with her. He also made repeated nuisance calls to the police.

Jailing the 27-year-old for three years and nine months, Judge Ian Trigger, said that the telephone calls to the woman had been more and more alarming and she became a 'prisoner in her own home.'

She felt afraid and highly vulnerable and he made terrifying threats about what he intended to do to her daughter, he said.

Judge Trigger said he took into account that Scott-Michael had been sexually abused as a child, his co-operation with police and guilty plea but "my primary function in cases of this nature is to protect the public."

He made a restraining order banning Scott Michael from contacting the woman and her daughter in any manner for the rest of his life. The judge also imposed an extended licence period meaning he will be on licence for 21 months when he is released from jail.

Scott-Michael of Knowsley Road, St Helens, pleaded guilty to six offences involving harassment between June and October last year, indecent assault, making nuisance and obscene telephone calls, wasting police time and theft. The court heard he has a previous conviction for sending indecent letters.

Mr Jones had told the court that on October 26 a young woman as out socialising in St Helens but during the course of the evening became separated from her boyfriend and also left her mobile phone in a taxi. She ascertained the phone was at the taxi office and went to a social club looking for her partner.

She could not get any response from the front door of the premises and Scott-Michael approached and befriended her. He suggested they could get in via a side door when they went down the alley he asked if he could kiss her feet. She thought it was a joke until he committed the indecent assault.

She was terrified about what was going on and what might happen and agreed to him kissing her feet in the hope he would stop. He bent forward to kiss her feet and she kicked out and connected with his mouth and he ran off."

He went to the taxi office and used hr phone to ring some of her friends and her parents and said he had assaulted her. He also later rang a telephone box which the victim was walking past and when she answered it she was horrified to discover it was him.

Mr Jones said that meanwhile the police had received false reports of various crimes by Scott-Michael in two false names including saying he had sex with children. When later questioned by police about these he admitted getting 'a cheap thrill' from making the calls. He said they were fantasies and he denied having sex with children.

Charles Lander, defending, said a psychiatrist found Scott-Michael was suffering from a disorder possibly caused by being sexually abused as a child. He has also been involved in a road accident resulting in his girlfriend's death.

He said he accepted the offences passed the custody threshold but said that the defendant would benefit from intensive treatment. "He is adamant he would never have carried out those fantasies although the victim would not have known that."