Selfie stick named as worst Christmas present

The Selfie Stick tops the list as the most unwanted gift
The Selfie Stick tops the list as the most unwanted gift
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THE selfie stick has been named as the gift that North West folk were hoping NOT to find under their Christmas tree this year.

Now the big day has been and gone, the British Heart Foundation has launched its annual unwanted festive gifts campaign, encouraging people to donate their unwanted Christmas gifts to their local BHF shop to fund-life saving research.

The survey of 2,000 British adults revealed nearly a third of people in Wigan and the region wouldn’t want to unwrap a Selfie Stick this Christmas, followed by the Insanity workout DVD (16 per cent) and the onesie (eight per cent).

The average person receives at least one Christmas gift they don’t want each year according to the survey, and even TV stars are not exempt from finding unwanted gifts under their tree.

Ollie Proudlock, star of Made in Chelsea, said: “Last year I received some lovely gifts but three copies of The Hunger Games book was a bit much!

“Rather than letting unwanted gifts clutter up the house this year and feeling guilty for letting them go to waste, I’ll be donating to my local British Heart Foundation shop to raise funds for their life saving research.”

With over a third of people in the North West saying they feel guilty about getting a present they don’t want or won’t use, BHF shops are urging the Wigan borough public to turn this guilt into good by donating their unwanted Christmas gifts.

BHF retail director Mike Taylorsaid: “It’s really interesting to see the items that people aren’t looking forward to receiving this Christmas – but one person’s unwanted gift is another person’s perfect present.

“Whilst a selfie stick may not be on the top of some people’s lists, there will be others who can’t wait to get their hands on one!

“We are encouraging people to donate their unwanted Christmas gifts to BHF shops this Christmas to help our fight against coronary heart disease, the UK’s single biggest killer. Every item helps.”

The top 10 most unwnated gifts also include: Star Wars Merchandise, Minion toy, celebrity cook book, celebrity autobiography, novelty socks, classic board game and spiralizer.