Second chance to save cash by switching your energy supplier

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ST Helens residents who missed out on a new energy switching scheme at the end of January get a second chance to cut their bills this month.

Nearly 1000 local people registered their interest in the first round of the Switch and Save scheme, saving themselves an average of £122 when Scottish Power, Ovo Energy and Co-operative Energy emerged as the winning bidders in a reverse auction to supply power – through similar schemes – to thousands of homes across the North West.

They were the utility companies invited – via a broker – to come up with their best possible price to become the main energy supplier for those who have registered.

Exactly the same rules apply in the second round of Switch and Save. The aim is simply to help local residents save money on their gas and electricity bills by coming together as one group to obtain a better deal and get the best tariff for all.

Director of Urban Regeneration, Housing and Culture Bob Hepworth explained: “As a collective, consumers potentially have greater purchasing power in the marketplace, which means they can access energy tariffs better than those listed on the open market.

“As well as making it easier to change suppliers, collective energy switching puts the consumers back in the driving seat and creates real competition among energy companies to come up with the best deal.”

So how do you get involved?

All it takes is for residents to step forward and say: “I’m in.”

Those interested in joining the scheme can register their interest and details by visiting or by calling 01744 676789 before 11pm on Monday, April 8. They can also complete the form online at any local library.

Soon afterwards, people who registered will be sent a personalised energy price offer and savings estimate based on the details supplied, so they can see exactly how much money they would save by switching.

There is no obligation and residents can simply accept or decline as they wish.

Potential switchers will need to provide their:

l Name and address

l Current supplier

l Current tariff

l Current energy spend

More information, and help with signing up, will be available during roadshows that will be organised across the borough over the next couple of weeks. Details will be announced in the St Helens Reporter.

Auctions will probably be held four and six times a year – so there will be numerous future opportunities to register an interest in this collective switching scheme.