Scully gets its spot on

GB Paul Sculthorpe. picture Gerald Webster
GB Paul Sculthorpe. picture Gerald Webster
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THANK you, Paul Sculthorpe, for saying what I’ve felt strongly about for some while - that the instroduction into our England rugby league team of foreign national players is no good for the future of the game (Reporter, November 23).

Is our current crop of scrum halves so bad that we’ve got to bring in an overseas player to fill the position.

And we’re bringing in Australians for other position because they’re not good enough to get into their national squad, but they must be better than what we’ve got.

I don’t think so!

The introduction of foreign players into our national teams is widespread. The England rugby union team has a Kiwi and a Samoan on their team sheet.

There are many South African players in the England cricket team, and even a Somalian running for Great Britain’s athletics team.

So, come one selectors, take note of what a man of Paul Sculthorpe’s qualifications is saying and act on it.

Colin Grundy,

Garswood Road,