Screenwriter Mark took his hobby to the next level

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Mark Renshaw likes to describe himself as an ordinary bloke who simply took his hobby “to the next level”.

Born and bred in St Helens, Mark was always interested in writing but with a family and a full-time job never thought it would progress any further than an enjoyable past-time.

That changed three years ago.

Mark takes up the story...

“I’m a normal guy. I have a job, a family but I write screenplays and stories for a hobby.

“Back in 2014 I decided to try and take my hobby to the next level. I saved up for a year and wrote the cheapest script I could think of, but still made it cool.

“With my cash in one hand and script in the other, I managed to snag an up & coming young independent director in LA and a transatlantic collaboration was born.

“This resulted in my first short film called No More Tomorrows, a thriller with a message about appreciating our lives and living for today.

“We hit the festivals. It was accepted in a few, rejected by many but we did end up with a couple of awards, which was nice. This experience also gave us the confidence to continue.

“Since then, I’ve written, produced and self-financed two more short films with the same team. These are:

Surrender – A Jacob’s Ladder style short film about a functioning alcoholic’s spiral towards a rock-bottom. This film has so far been showcased in eleven film festivals in locations such as Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey and Sunderland in the UK. It has won numerous awards including Best Short Film and Best Screenplay.

“The Survivor: A Tale From The Nearscape – A sci-fi film set in the not-too-distant future when the air is so polluted it is toxic to breath and society begins to collapse.

“It tells the tale of a young boy sent out on a dangerous journey for water and medicine for his mother. Released in August 2017, this film has already won two ‘Best Sci-Fi’ awards and appeared in numerous film festivals.

“Its next festival is the Birmingham Film Festival in November, where it has been nominated for two awards.

“In addition, this year I’ve had two short stories published in an anthology of international authors as the result of a writing competition I won. I’m currently in the shortlisted finals of two similar competitions.

“Recently, my first short film No More Tomorrows became available to rent or for free on Amazon Prime in both the UK and US.

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