Schools across St Helens shut by strike

St Aelred's
St Aelred's

FIFTEEN St Helens schools are set to close tomorrow as a result of a nationwide strike – and scores more will only be “partially open”.

Co-ordinated industrial action by members of the National Union of Teachers (NUT) and Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) will see the likes of Cowley Language College, Rainford High, Rainhill High and St Aelred’s shut all day tomorrow.

Also set to shut for the day is Bleak Hill, Lyme Community, Garswood, Merton Bank, Broad Oak, Queens Park, Parish, St Mary and St Thomas, St Peter’s, St Cuthbert’s and Penkford.

Dozens of other schools across the borough will be “partially open”, according to St Helens Council, although parents should check with each individual school to find out if their child is affected.

Just 12 schools will be open as normal.

They are Allanson Street, Holy Cross, Rainhill Community Nursery, St Teresa’s, St John Vianney, St Theresa’s, Haydock English Martyrs, St Peter and St Paul, Grange Valley, Willow Tree, St James and Nutgrove.

Haydock Sports College will also be open - but not for pupils because of an inset day.

The teachers’ unions are campaigning against changes to their pensions which they say will mean working longer, paying more and getting less when they retire.