Schoolgirl Alice’s haircut challenge

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St Helens schoolgirl Alice Leyland grew her hair so she could has it cut off for charity.

The youngster raised a staggering £650 by having her flowing locks cropped for the Little Princess Trust, a charity which provides free wigs for children with cancer.

Her mum Gill said: “Alice had her hair cut about 18 months ago and wondered what happened to all the hair and was mortified that it went in the bin.

“As we were looking online at what to do, the Little Princess Trust popped up, we read all about it and she was incredibly moved that children needed wigs too as well as adults.

“From then on she was determined to grow her hair long enough to donate it. She decided to ask family, friends and our work colleagues for a few pounds to send off as well, as the trust needed money to help actually make the wigs.

“At first, when we set up her Just Giving page they asked for a target. She replied with a modest ‘£20’. In total to date, Alice has raised £650!”