Schoolboy died after crashing at 22mph

Cameron Chadwick
Cameron Chadwick

The family of a schoolboy who was “loved by all” have been told his death was a tragic accident.

Cameron Chadwick, pupil at Abraham Guest, was just 15 years old when he crashed his off-road motorbike into a kerb on Helvellyn Road in Pemberton in February.

At his inquest, held yesterday at Bolton Coroners’ Court, investigating officers at Greater Manchester Police explained how Cameron was travelling no faster than 22 miles per hour at the time of the collision and that his inexperience led to the crash in which he received multiple fatal injuries.

Katherine Causey and Kevin Astle, who had been walking nearby on the day, described how they saw the bike’s front wheel wobbling before the vehicle skidded into the kerb near where the street curves to meet Saddleback Road. Cameron lost his helmet in the crash. He was taken to Wigan Infirmary where, despite the medical team’s best efforts, he died of his injuries five hours later at 8.20pm.

Cameron, who was described in a statement by his mum Stacey as “very popular with both boys and girls” and a “typical joker who was always laughing”, had broken away from his normal routine of visiting his nan, Patricia Chadwick, on the day he died.

Mrs Chadwick’s statement said: “He seemed to be in a hurry. After 15 minutes he said ‘I’m going nan. I love you’ then he gave me a kiss and said ‘see ya’. He rushed off. He was a happy bubbly person and he seemed even more so on that day.”

DC Seamus Toal, of GMP, explained that Cameron, along with his best friend, had purchased the stolen motorbike from an unnamed man, although the teens were not aware that it was stolen. They had stashed it in some bushes in a nearby park.

Fellow constable, DC David Holmes, who reconstructed the scene believed that Cameron had possibly taken the bend too wide, hitting a speed bump on the other side of the road before losing control and hitting the kerb. His parents, Stacey and John Chadwick, told senior coroner Jennifer Leeming, that he had little to no experience with motorbikes and that his behaviour on the day of his death was ‘totally out of character’.

Mrs Leeming handed a Regulation 18 to Wigan Council officer Steven Lowe to reassess the depth of a pothole on the street which could have ‘contributed’ to a loss of control, although police investigators believed that it did not directly cause the crash. Senior coroner Jennifer Leeming paid tribute to a “cheerful” boy who was tragically killed as a result of a crash caused by inexperience.