School praised for fairtrade status

Haydock High fairtrade steering group
Haydock High fairtrade steering group
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A ST Helens secondary school has been saluted for achieving fairtrade status.

Haydock High has been awarded a Fairtrade Foundation Award after satisfying a string of challenging criteria.

Not only have staff and pupils helped to write a school fairtrade policy, they have also sold and promoted fairtrade goods, set up a fairtrade steering group and learnt about fairtrade in at least two year groups and three subject areas.

Louise Hampson, Haydock High’s fairtrade co-ordinator, said: “Our motto is ‘Think Fairtrade Together’ and this has certainly been recognised by the assessment team.

“I am absolutely delighted that the work of pupils and staff has been recognised by this award and look forward to our fairtrade cupcake celebration party in next month when we will further promote fairtrade.”

Delighted Year 9 pupils Holly Murtagh and Bethany Davidson - both part of the steering group - said: “We’re extremely pleased that our hard work has paid off.

“We’re now looking forward to another successful year and are proud to be making a difference.”

Fellow steering group members Charlotte Hanson, who is in Year 8, and Year 7 pupil Bethany Rimmer also said it was “great” just to be a part of the fairtrade campaign.

The school’s fairtrade assessor gave the thumbs-up to the innovative integration of fairtrade principles into French and technology classes and praised Haydock High’s “excellent application”.

Fairtrade committee founder Maggie Eldridge said: “I am absolutely thrilled that Haydock High - through the team work of pupils and staff - has achieved this most prestigious award.

“It’s great that they have embraced the concepts of fairtrade and have supported this most ethical campaign to enable other children in the world to not be part of exploitation and to have a childhood.

“I am immensely proud of the pupils who have given up their time and efforts to help others.”