School investigating pupil broken leg claim

Tower College in Rainhill
Tower College in Rainhill
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A private school has launched an investigation into claims staff did nothing to help a boy who suffered a broken leg playing football.

The incident is alleged to have happened at fee-paying Tower College in Rainhill.

Claims have been made that a pupil was hurt in the school grounds during the lunch break but when he reported it to staff no further action was taken.

A whistleblower who contacted the St Helens Reporter alleges the boy remained in classes, growing more distressed, all afternoon until he was picked up by his parents and taken to hospital where the break was discovered.

The caller, who asked not to be identified, said: “He was more and more distressed as the day went on and he has been walking around on a broken leg.

“The school did not notify his parents and wouldn’t listen to his pleas.

“I am now really worried about the children in this school.”

The incident is supposed to have happened around a fortnight ago and the school has confirmed it is now looking into the claims.

Tower College principal Rachael Oxley said: “There has been an incident in school during a football game. We are fully co-operating with the parents, keeping them fully informed as to the status of our ongoing formal investigation.

“As with all school procedures involving children and parents it is a private matter and we have to respect the confidentiality of all parties.”