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Coun Alison Bacon
Coun Alison Bacon

Crown Prosecution Service to identify and prosecute offenders.

“We also seek to claim our costs from offenders. I would urge anyone thinking of making a hoax call to resist the temptation as the consequences could be very severe.”

Fortunately, the number of hoax calls attended by firefighters across the borough each year seems to be on the way down. There were 36 call-outs to hoax calls in St Helens in 2008/09, 34 the following year and 27 in 2010/11.

Last year - 2011/12 - there were just 15 call-outs to hoax calls and in the first seven months of this year there were just 10.

July and August remain the most likely months for hoax calls to be received.

Mr Schuler added: “By monitoring the hoax calls we receive we’ve found that we have been able to identify individuals who have also committed arson in the past or who went on to commit arson in the future.

“In one case we investigated a man who had made more than 100 hoax calls to us. He was jailed.

“In another case a man was jailed for six months and, by working with the police and the ambulance service, we also found that he had made more than 30 hoax calls to each of them too.”