Saints threaten legal action over stadium woes

Saints new stadium
Saints new stadium
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SAINTS bosses are considering taking legal action over niggling issues with their new stadium.

Extra cash has had to be set aside to fill in the three open sides of Langtree Park “to the extent necessary and practical” after complaints from fans that they are not sufficiently protected from the elements.

Although the finished stadium is exactly what planning permission was obtained for, club bosses say it is clear that more work will be needed at the end of the season.

It’s not the first problem with the £25m, 18,000-capacity stadium either. Just weeks before the current season, part of the roof cladding over the south west corner had to be repaired after it was damaged in high winds.

A Saints statement read: “The club is considering legal action against its former project adviser, Complete Construction Management (CCM), in relation to cost estimates and other related advice.

“The club is also awaiting the final production of a structural engineers report relating to the roof, as a necessary pre–condition. Furthermore, the one-year contractual defects period expires in October 2012 and the club now needs to await the expiration of this also.

“That said, the club will invest further in the necessary cladding in order to protect fans from the elements to the extent necessary and practical. This is the case even though the projected cost is likely to be higher than first advised.

“This will now have to go ahead in the close season.”

The statement continued: “The club has had to refrain to date from public comment on the intended additional cladding to Langtree Park due to legal and contractual restrictions. We understand fans’ frustration but have been unable to provide public updates.

“The original design of the stadium was in its existing state and that was what planning permission was obtained for and was what the club purchased. It is clear, however, that additional work is necessary, and this will be carried out to improve the outlook and comfort of the new stadium further.”

Saints now plan to ask season ticket holders for feedback about the stadium at the end of the year.

After taking advice on the matter, a spokeswoman for Complete Construction Management declined to comment.