Saints stars set Adam on the road to recovery

Adam Garswood, 14, from Hawkley Hall who has spent the last year battling a brain tumour, relaxing at home with his sister Amelia, seven
Adam Garswood, 14, from Hawkley Hall who has spent the last year battling a brain tumour, relaxing at home with his sister Amelia, seven

A TEENAGE Saints fan who was struck down with an aggressive brain tumour has been given the all clear.

Adam Garswood received regular visits from Saints stars Jon Wilkin and Paul Sculthorpe during his treatment and even met Aussie superstar Darren Lockyer.

Now after months of draining chemotherapy at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, the 14-year-old is currently classed as “all clear”.

His intensive treatment has come at a cost though - the sheer strength of Adam’s medication means that he now requires the use of a wheelchair to go any further than 100 metres.

But Adam’s dad, Stuart, 40, says everyone is keeping their fingers crossed that, via intensive physio sessions, his son will soon be back on his feet for good.

He said: “The chemo went very well and Adam had his last session in August. Since then, he has been classed as ‘all clear’, but he will be closely monitored over the next few years because the threat of the cancer returning is still there.

“Adam has to go back to hospital for scans every three or four months and, if the cancer does not return in the next two years, we’ve been told it’s highly unlikely to come back. We’re all just keeping our fingers crossed.

“Adam’s ability to walk gradually deteriorated throughout the chemotherapy as a result of nerve damage. But he’s building his strength back up now and would rather walk, even with a frame, whenever possible.

“It’s been a incredibly tough year for Adam, but we’re all very proud of him.”

Adam was diagnosed with medulloblastoma last October after he was sent home from school being sick.

At first, everyone thought it was a virus, but, when the youngster collapsed at home, he was rushed to hospital for an emergency operation to remove a brain tumour.

Following the surgery, Adam then underwent a series of radiotherapy treatments, before eight months of gruelling chemotherapy began in January.

But, amazingly, throughout all of the last 14 months of trials and tribulations, he has stayed so strong that he has only missed 33 days of school.

He is now back at Hawkley Hall High School in Wigan full-time with all his friends, and even picked up an award this term for “outstanding endeavour”.

Adam, a huge Saints and Sale Sharks fan, has made time to enjoy plenty of sporting action in the last 12 months too.

Stuart added: “Saints have been terrific. Adam is in regular contact with Jon Wilkin, who even visited Adam’s school, and Paul Sculthorpe popped round to the house to see us too.

“Little perks like that have really kept Adam going.”