Safari park welcomes two new faces

White rhino calf Njiri with her mother, Piglet.
White rhino calf Njiri with her mother, Piglet.

KNOWSLEY Safari Park has welcomed two new arrivals - white rhinoceros calves Njiri and Thabo.

A baby boom saw the 550-acre park’s rhino crash first welcome male calf Thabo - who is now four weeks old - before the newest arrival, female calf Njiri, came along just two days later.

Njiri and Thabo are the 12th and 13th rhino calves to be born at Knowsley Safari in the last decade.

Eveline De Wolf, the park’s head of animal division, said: “The birth of Njiri and Thabo are testament to the enormous space at Knowsley Safari Park - allowing the crash the acreage to behave in as natural state as possible. This makes us the most successful breeders of white rhino in the North West.”

Park visitors will be able to see Knowsley Safari’s new baby rhinos when the weather is warmer, in February. For now, the duo will remain with their protective mothers - Piglet and Winnie.