Royce’s cancer scare

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SAINTS coach Royce Simmons has revealed he is undergoing treatment after suffering a cancer scare.

The 50-year-old was told by doctors that a number of spots which had developed on his face were potentially dangerous.

But he was assured a course of skin cream should remove the growth before it develops any further.

The treatment results in blotching and a rash which can cause Simmons’ skin to peel.

However, he remains typically unfazed by his ordeal, dismissing recent reports he was battling skin cancer.

“I’m as good as gold,” he told the St Helens Reporter.

“When you grow up in Australia it’s a good idea to get these checked out and that’s what I did.”

Simmons visits medics at Whiston Hospital during the off-season and must return for further assessment once he has completed his current proscription.

“They said that there were a few spots on my face that could turn nasty,” said the Australian coach.

“The cream they gave me doesn’t look good, it peels my skin and causes a rash but at the end of the day it’s important to get it sorted.”

Simmons, who started his second Super League season as head coach at St Helens last Friday, is a former Australia international.

During a success playing as a hooker with Penrith Panthers, he also represented New South Wales and says his outdoor lifestyle Down Under could be behind this scare.

He added: “Back home when I was growing up, you were outside in the sun all day long and there was never any warning back then about the potential dangers.

“I was outdoor working or playing rugby - more often than that without protection.

“Living in Australia it is a good idea to get these things checked out.

“It’s not having an effect on me apart from the skin peeling, which doesn’t look very good, but there’s nothing you can do about it apart from get on with it.”