Royal Mail in St Helens to open on Sundays

St Helens' Royal Mail delivery office is now open for business on Sundays
St Helens' Royal Mail delivery office is now open for business on Sundays

St Helens’ Royal Mail delivery office will now open on Sundays, it has been announced.

The office, which is based at 23 Liverpool Road, St helens, will be open from 11am and 3pm for customers to collect and drop off parcels and letters.

Mike Newnham, Royal Mail’s chief customer officer, said: “We are continuing to be more responsive to our customers and are providing even more options for people to receive items they have ordered online.

“Our extended opening hours initiative and additional Sunday openings is just one of the ways we are transforming our business to be more customer focused.”

A Royal Mail spokesman said: “The national Sunday opening initiative is designed to make it easier for online shoppers not at home during the day, to get their parcels at a convenient time over the weekend.

“Royal Mail’s 1,200 Delivery Offices are currently open six days a week and around half of its Customer Service Points are open later on Wednesday evenings, for customers to collect or drop off items.

“In addition, around 100 of its busiest offices are also already open on Sundays.

“The initiative will further extend the opening of Delivery Offices with the highest parcels volumes across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to seven days a week.

“This is part of a range of initiatives by the company to give customers greater flexibility and improve convenience and access to its network.

“Royal Mail recently announced it is opening up its network of Delivery Office - where there is a Customer Service Point - as a drop off points for customers sending stamped parcels and letters within the UK.

“The new initiative is aimed at small businesses, marketplace sellers and consumers who will benefit from the ease of using their local Royal Mail Customer Service Point as a drop-off point for parcels.”