Rockers Stillia set for massive year with album plans

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A St Helens group is hoping for a massive 2017 after revealing plans to release its debut album.

Four-piece Stillia is looking to capitalise on the success of debut single Let Me In, which has been played on radio and attracted well-known St Helens comedian Johnny Vegas to star in and direct the video.

We’ve only just got on the ride and we want to see how far we can take it and if we can reach the ambitions we set out to achieve

Jack Bennett

The band, made up of singer and guitarist Jack Bennett, lead guitarist Connor Moran, bassist Johnny Waring and drummer Matty Bennett, is currently deciding which of their existing tracks and new songs should make it onto the full-length release.

The group says that over the past two years it has increasingly gained confidence in its song-writing abilities and is excited to start the next stage of Stillia’s journey.

Jack said: “In the past two years the songs have got a lot better and a lot more mature, with the sound going through the roof.

“We’ve been constantly writing every single week and about three or four of the new songs would really suit the album.

“We’ve only just got on the ride and it’s just starting to get going and we want to see how far we can take it and if we can reach the ambitions we set out to achieve.”

Jack says the group was delighted to team up with Vegas for Let Me In’s video but for him it was also a white-knuckle experience as at one point he was thrown into the boot of a car.

He said: “Our ribs were hurting for a few days after it, we were laughing so much. It was a boss experience and everyone was more than happy with the way it turned out.

“It was a bit strange going home, playing FIFA and thinking I had just been tied up by Johnny Vegas with gaffer tape and chucked in the boot of a car.”

Stillia has also become known for its appearances at sports matches, performing at both Saints and Wigan rugby league games and performing outside a Manchester City clash with Stoke City.

The band also recently played Wigan Arts Festival and also appeared at St Helens’ Suicide Awareness Festival.

Jack said: “It’s a bit weird walking out onto the pitch looking at all the equipment set up in the middle of the stadium with thousands of people watching, but it also makes us feel like rock stars.

“With the album in the final stages we’re getting around as much as we can, getting in everybody’s ears and getting in everybody’s faces.”

For more information follow the band on Twitter @StilliaOfficial