REVEALED: Eight of the wackiest college courses in St Helens

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From first aid for dogs to poulty keeping for beginners, there’s more than meets the eye on some of the courses offered at St Helens College.

The college has extended its range of short leisure courses to include a host of quirky workshops to enjoy.

With more than 30 classes on offer in total, there are plenty of subjects for eager students to get stuck into.

Marketing and communications officer Mark Foster said: “The courses have been running for a few years now, but the quirkier ones are brand new.

“We’ve never run the poultry one before, but people have already been booking onto it.

“The courses have recently taken off as people can book them online, and the photography and cookery ones are always busy.”

The new range includes one-day workshops on first aid for dogs, growing bedding plants from seed, poultry keeping, children’s hair styles, buttonholes and corsages, and the curly blow.

Here are eight of the downright wackiest on offer.

1. First Aid for Dogs

What would you do if your dog ate a bar of chocolate that was left out? What would you do if your cat had a seizure right in front of you?

Starts: Friday April 22

Cost: £45.00

2. Beginners’ Short Course in Life Drawing

Although aimed at people who may have never practiced life drawing previously, it is ideal for all levels of abilities, providing demonstrations and assistance for beginners, and advice and tips for those with more experience.

Starts: Tuesday April 19

Cost: £130.00

3. Curly Blow Masterclass

With St Helens neighbouring Liverpool where the Curly Blow for girls takes top priority the college’s one-day curly blow masterclass has gone from strength to strength.

Starts: Thursday April 21

Length: One-day

Cost: £60.00

4. Grow Bedding Plants from Seed - Short Course

Do you want to make your garden look spectacular this summer? Learn how to grow your own bedding plants with the help of this short course. Learn about everything from propagation methods and nurturing these plants, to the best time to plant and tips on general care for bedding plants.

Starts: Saturday 26 April

Length: One-day

Cost: £45.00

5. DIY Buttonholes and Corsages Workshop

Got a wedding or important event coming up this year? Take a look at this one-day workshop which is perfect for a bride-to-be and her bridal party because you can learn how to create your very own beautiful buttonholes and corsages.

Course Details

Starts: Tuesday June 7

Length: One-day

Cost: £50.00

6. Tasty Tapas Cookery Course

Take yourself on a culinary journey through some of Spain’s most exciting regional specialities and explore the various ingredients that reflect the rich culture and colourful history of Spain with the Tasty Tapas Cookery Course.

Starts: Thursday 21 April

Length: Six weeks

Cost: £110.00

7. Beginners’ Short Course in Poultry Keeping

Give a chicken a forever home. This beginner’s short course in poultry keeping has everything you need to know to get started raising chickens on a small scale or a hobby. The course covers the basic in poultry care so know prior knowledge is needed. You will explore handling, health checking, common ailments and cures, hen housing, feeding and settling hens.

Starts: Friday 17 June

Length: One-day

Cost: £60.00

8. Introduction to Quick & Easy Children’s Hair Styles.

Struggle to perfect your child’s hair? Take a look at the introduction to quick and easy children’s hair styles one-day course. It’s essential for parents, aunties, uncles or grandparents who want to learn quick and easy hair styles for children. You will practice hair styles for school, learn sculptured princess styles and practice braids, plaits and buns. You can even bring your children along, for no additional cost.