Rescued chickens find new home at college

Rescued chickens at St Helens College
Rescued chickens at St Helens College
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Chickens made homeless following a lorry crash have been found a safe sanctuary at St Helens College.

More than 1,500 chickens were killed after the lorry transporting them collided with a motorway barrier along the Manchester stretch of the M62.

Hundreds of the chickens who survived have now been re-homed, however, with half a dozen given a new nest by St Helens College’s animal care department.

The college’s animal care tutors had raced to the scene of the accident in the early hours of May 14 to help with the recovery effort and staff and students are now ensuring the new additions receive round-the-clock care.

The tutors hope to slowly integrate the six chickens into their existing flock, but a new pecking order will have to be established first.

Adam Howson, St Helens College’s curriculum leader in animal care, said: “The chickens are a great addition to our current flock. Their health is improving daily and they have settled into the college well.

“The staff and students have both taken a real shine to our latest arrivals and we hope we can continue to provide a safe and secure home for the chickens.”

Michael Clarke, from the Highways Agency, told at the time how about 2,000 chickens had “escaped on to the carriageway” and had to be recaptured.

“We drafted in as much manpower as we could and we had help from the police, the emergency services and the RSPCA,” he said.

He said the incident was “unusual” in terms of the sheer number of birds involved.

“The more adventurous ones did manage to go quite far - I would suspect there are a handful still in adjacent fields.”