Reporter readers call for Reminisce ban

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A majority of Reporter readers believe the controversial Reminisce dance festival should be banned from St Helens.

In poll on our Twitter page, 59 per cent of those who responded said they believed the event should not be allowed to continue next year.

Concerns were raised about the safety of the event after a man was stabbed in the face during the September 10 bash, which is organised by a Liverpool-based firm.

Prior to the event, police had appealed for calm among revellers.

A number of readers joined the debate on the Reporter’s Facebook page.

Ste Williams posted: “Every time there’s something on over Sherdley there’s trouble and it’s been like that as far back as I can remember but as long as the council are making money off it they’re happy.”

Gary Devine added: “Should ban it as the din was awful; a constant thudding noise all day.”

Cheryl Hoyland posted: “The ban isn’t for noise pollution. It’s because of knife crime!”

However, others believed the event should be allowed to continue.

Gareth Fairclough-Speed posted: “This event is not for me however it should continue. We can not allow those who cause violence to spoil the enjoyment for thousands of people.

“Sadly we will never stop those who are intent to hurt others. The punishment should be hard from the courts. Drones should be used by the police to monitor the crowd. This will help the additional CCTV inside the tents.”