Reporter readers back Primark ‘move’

Could Primark take over the old Tyrers' site?
Could Primark take over the old Tyrers' site?
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The overwhelming majority of Reporter readers want to see bargain fashion retailer Primark take over the old Tyrers store.

In a poll on our Twitter feed, 89 per cent of readers taking part said they hoped Primark would open up at the empty Bridge Street site.

Once regarded as the Harrods of the North, Tyrers closed earlier this year after increasingly difficult sales conditions.

But the company’s former base remains a prime retail location and several entrepreneurs are believed to be eyeing up the site.

That has led to speculation Primark could be considering making a bid for the store.

Many Reporter readers were overjoyed by the news St Helens could finally be getting a Primark, with dozens taking to the Reporter’s Facebook page.

Steph Lunt wrote: “This would be great - from personal experience lots of young people travel (or get parents to take them) to Liverpool, Warrington or Wigan to shop because they all have a Primark - need to get people spending back in town.”

Sarra Hinton was more sceptical, however.

She said: “Been saying for years that empty shops might be a Primark and it never happens. If it’s going to be one fantastic brings more jobs and people will stay in St Helens instead of going to Liverpool and Wigan but will probably end up a pound land like all the other empty shops lol.”

Lesley Hill added: “This really would be a great attraction to help get the town retail businesses back on there feet would do brill as at the moment we have to travel to Liverpool of Warrington telly hope it comes off.”

Christopher Wildman gave a tongue-in-cheek response to the speculation.

He wrote: “Apparently if Primark open up in a town then the weather automatically gets better and Jesus walks among us performing miracles.”

Sara Caldwell wrote: “St Helens town needs a Primark 100 per cent said it for ages.”

Some worried the small size of the old Tyrers would be a barrier to Primark taking the unit.

But Lauren Llewellyn wrote: “Lots of places have smaller primarks, Wigan only has two floors. Tyrers could easily become Primark with the multiple floors it has. Just have less stock.”

Lynne Webster added: “Yes yes yes xx not meaning to be boastful I can afford to buy designer stuff from time to time. I have to say I have the best onesies ever from Primark and I shop regular in the Wigan one. I would go from going into Tyrers once every five years just to look to quite possibly every week. You watch how packed this store would be.”

Tina Quirk echoed those sentiments: “I hope so it would be good for St Helens, fingers crossed we don’t need another pound shop.”