Reporter readers’ anger at MP Conor’s Corbyn remarks

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

A number of St Helens Reporter readers have reacted to MP Conor McGinn’s outburst over the Jeremy Corbyn saga.

The Labour MP for St Helens North expressed dismay at Mr Corbyn’s tactics to ensure he is automatically on the ballot for the party’s forthcoming leadership contest.

St Helens MP Conor McGinn

St Helens MP Conor McGinn

Mr McGinn, who was elected to Parliament to last year with over 26,000 votes, has been openly critical of Mr Corbyn’s leadership.

And this morning we reported how he took to Twitter to voice his latest Corbynist concern.

“I was on Labour’s NEC for 4 years,” he wrote. “Sometimes we disagreed with Ed Miliband, but he never threatened legal action if we didn’t do as he said.”

Mr McGinn has become something of a bete noire among Corbyn supporters, who believe he was behind the recent coup to unseat the Labour leader.

And a number took to our Facebook page today to voice their opposition to Mr McGinn’s viewpoint.

Sharon Maudsley wrote: “Or another headline could be ‘St Helens MP laments the use of democracy’. He is really out of touch now and hopefully will go when Corbyn wins.”

Mike Kay added: “Mr McGinn will you resign if Corbyn wins the leadership contest? It would be the honourable thing to do, mind you this rock solid labour seat you’ve been parachuted into might be too much to give up for principles eh?”

Daz Hayden added: “Corbyn will win the leadership by a landslide again as it’s the actual members who vote. I wonder what all the mutiny gang will do then?”

John Spencer May added: “St Helens laments having slimy careerist politician imposed on them by Labour’s politburo.”

Bryan Anderson added: “He is proof that St Helens would vote for anything if it has a Labour rosette on.”

Thelma Wignall wrote: “With this mans history he should keep his head down. Why are we stuck with him?”

Steven McManus wrote: “Doesnt he (and Angela Eagle) get that a majority of Labour members want Corbyn?”