Redheads have all the bun

A Prince Harry look-a-like takes on the Flaming Grill's trash can challenge
A Prince Harry look-a-like takes on the Flaming Grill's trash can challenge

St Helens redheads are to get a tasty treat to celebrate a royal birthday.

Often the butt of jokes, gingers will, on this occasion to get some special treatment as Prince Harry, who of course has a similarly-coloured barnet, turns 30.

Flaming Grill hostelries the Carr Mill on the East Lancs Road, Carr Mill, and the Seven Stars in Millbrook Lane, Eccleston, is marking the occasion this Monday (September 15) by offering local redheads 30 per cent off their food bill for one day only.

Punters needn’t worry if they are not lucky enough to have naturally ruddy locks because they can still take advantage if the sizzling saving by sporting dyed hair or a wig.

Natural St Helens redheads such as rugby ace James Graham could be first in the queue.

And, of course, if Prince Harry himself is in the area he could lead the party in style.

The company says that to receive the discount locals need to just turn up on Monday looking “as redheaded as possible”, and ask for the “Prince Harry flaming redhead rate.”

Peter Burgess, manager at the the Carr Mill, said: “To celebrate Harry’s big birthday we wanted to do something a little cheeky in honour of the redheaded royal prince.

“I am really excited to see a flurry of redheads in the the Carr Mill. Birthdays only last a day so make sure you get your best red wig on to claim your royal discount.

“Or roll out the red carpet and take on a royal feast. The Trash Can Challenge includes the hot chilli beef sundae, which is sure to give you Harry’s signature rosy cheeks to match his ginger locks.”

With a new royal baby on the way Harry will soon be demoted from third to fourth in line to the throne - something which appears not to worry him one little bit.