Readers slam ‘nimby slur’

Council leader 'Barrie Grunewald accused members of the Rainford Action Group of being nimbys
Council leader 'Barrie Grunewald accused members of the Rainford Action Group of being nimbys
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St Helens Reporter readers have reacted with anger after the council leader branded a campaign group protesting against developments on greenbelt land ‘nimbys’.

Councillor Barrie Grunewald used the term, short for ‘not in my back yard’, in a Twitter exchange with the Rainford Action Group, who want to stop the implementation of the council’s plan to open up greenbelt for new homes and businesses.

In response to a picture posted by the group, of a Rainford farmer ploughing local fields which the group says have been allocated for new homes, Coun Grunewald tweeted: “As I say you are nimby’s.”

Residents subsequently took to the Reporter’s Facebook page to make their thoughts on the matter clear.

Vicky Martin took objection to Coun Grunewald’s comments, claiming that the council’s plans were short-sighted.

“It’s not nimbyish! It’s to do with preserving our planet!! Makes me really angry. I support anybody who’s against building on greenbelt land WHEREVER it is. Don’t politicians think of the future for generations to come? What we’re doing to the planet terrifies me and I worry for our children.”

Meanwhile, Ruth Howorth was unhappy with the councillor’s excuse that cuts were responsible for such unpopular decisions.

“How many times are they going to use cuts? Every other council have had cuts, they are thriving.”

However, another user, Peter Fleming, defended the councillor’s comments, as well as saying that he agreed with the plans.

“People need houses. The houses you live in were built on farmland just like these will be. We should be supporting those with no chance of having a proper home, not complaining about it!!”

The Rainford Action Group is protesting over plans to turn over seven greenbelt sites to housings.

They say they are not opposed to “appropriate” development but want better infrastructure plans put in place before any building starts.