Readers’ fury at £100k council salaries

St Helens Town hall
St Helens Town hall
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St Helens residents have greeted the news of council staff earning £100k salaries with anger and disbelief.

Evidence of the astronomical salaries was obtained by campaign group TaxPayers’ Alliance (TPA) through a Freedom of Information Request.

The TPA actively monitor council expenditure in the UK and the findings were then revealed by the Reporter.

And furious residents have expressed their outrage on the Reporter’s Facebook page.

Residents contrasted the six-figure salaries with the £65m worth of budget cuts that the council have had to deliver over the past few years.

Nicola Deegan said: “With budgets being cut so mercilessly, I don’t think any council employee can justify a six figure salary at all.”

Samuel Pye was in disbelief, saying: “This must be an April Fool joke? And were all in it together? Really? Just make sure none of them are voted in again.

Other residents were angry that the council continue to pay £100k salaries to staff whilst insisting on the need to introduce green-bin charges to save money.

“And they want us to pay £35 to have our green bins collected?” asked Trevor Young.

Dan Anders echoed this annoyance, saying: “But they don’t have money to collect the green bins? I have just seen a way to regenerate the town centre and repair roads in nine easy steps.”

MC Ward responded to the news like many residents, posting: “There is no local council job, no matter what it is, that deserves a salary of 100k, especially when the towns’ people are struggling so much. It’s rubbing salt into already gaping wounds.”

Many residents see the massive wages as unjustifiable with one resident comparing the fat pay checks to local NHS nurses who recently received a below-inflation pay rise of just one per cent.

Michael Derbyshire reacted to this perceived injustice saying: “This is exactly what is wrong with the whole country. The top earners keep getting more whilst the lower earners’ wages are frozen. Perhaps St Helens Council could pull their finger out and settle the equal pay dispute that has been going on for too long.”