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Turning point ... Carers with the big book of fostering
Turning point ... Carers with the big book of fostering

FOSTER carers in St Helens have put pen to paper to record their anecdotes in a bid to inspire others to take up the fostering mantle.

As part of an ongoing campaign to recruit more foster carers, local foster parents added their comments to the 3ft high Big Book Of Fostering – which will eventually be published online.

The giant book, developed as part of the You Can Foster campaign, has featured at events around the North West over the last few weeks.

One of those who made their mark at the St Helens book signing was foster carer Ivy Melia, who said: “In all the years I’ve been fostering, I’ve never actually written down any of the hundreds of funny or heart-wrenching moments. It was like therapy for me to put pen to paper and re-visit those wonderful memories.

“Only real-life accounts can give people a true insight into what fostering is like, so the Big Book is a fantastic portal for this.”

The Big Book of Fostering will be available online at and on the You Can Foster Facebook page.