‘Purple Aki’ cleared of feeling man’s biceps

Akinwale Arobieke was once described in court by his defence solicitor as going by the alias 'Purple Aki'
Akinwale Arobieke was once described in court by his defence solicitor as going by the alias 'Purple Aki'

New charges against a bodybuilding fanatic who was once banned from entering St Helens for groping men’s muscles have been dropped.

Lawyers dropped charges against Akinwale Arobieke after accepting the evidence against him was flawed.

Mr Arobieke, 52, once referred to in court as “Purple Aki”, had been accused of breaching a sexual offences prevention order by touching a man’s bicep in Liverpool last year.

But prosecutor Kim Egerton told Liverpool Crown Court that when the evidence was received there had been a “fundamental breach of the codes of practice of the police and criminal evidence act”.

No evidence was offered and Mr Arobieke, who had been due to face a plea and case hearing, was discharged.

Judge Andrew Menary told him: “There is insufficient evidence Mr Arobieke.”

He added: “It’s always a pleasure to see you here.”

Last year Arobieke, once described by his own lawyers as “a modern-day bogeyman”, was also cleared of harassing a senior police officer.

He had been accused of attempting to squeeze Detective Inspector Lewis Hughes’ biceps during a bodybuilding event in Manchester.

It was also alleged that Arobieke, who stands 6ft 5ins tall, then started harassing DI Hughes at other similar events.

However, a judge at Manchester Crown Court directed the jury to return not guilty verdicts because of a complaint about remarks a witness had made.

Arobieke was jailed for six years in 2003 after he was found guilty of harassing 16 young men and making bizarre demands to touch their muscles.

Upon his release, he was subsequently handed a sexual offences prevention order in 2008.

The order bans him certain specific activities, including feeling a person’s muscles or getting them to carry out squats.

In June 2012, rumours circulated Twitter that Arobieke had died - but the whispers were swiftly denied by police.