Pupils sent home in shoe row

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Pupils at a St Helens school have been sent home after arriving for classes wearing the wrong shoes.

A number of youngsters were turned away from Cowley International College for breaching the school’s strict uniform code.

The school would not comfirm whether any of the pupils are facing further punishment.

Cowley Principal Cameron Sheeran said: “We firmly believe that uniforms – both clothing and footwear – contribute positively to students’ behaviour. When students wear uniforms, they feel more professional and behave accordingly.

“Experience has shown that students can become distracted by fashion trends and status symbol clothing. Uniforms also eliminate any competition about being dressed in the latest styles – which can put financial pressure on students and their parents or carers.

“All parents and carers are made aware of the college’s uniform requirements when they arrive at Cowley - and are advised that this policy will be enforced.

“If any family raises concerns or has any questions surrounding this matter, we will work with individual cases to offer appropriate advice and support.”