Pupils message to drivers: 20 is plenty

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Primary school pupils in the Sutton area of St Helens joined forces by taking to the streets as part of a road safety campaign.

Coordinated by local community group Sutton Smile and supported by St Helens Council’s Road Safety Team and Merseyside Police, the ‘20 is Plenty Walk' gave children the opportunity to learn about traffic pollution, danger and transport choices.

First launched by Sherdley Primary School in 2015, this year’s event involved Key Stage 2 pupils from Sutton Oak, Robins Lane, Eaves and Sherdley primary schools walking along some of the busiest roads in Sutton accompanied by staff, while brandishing banners encouraging local drivers to slow down, and chanting: “Slow down - 20 is plenty.”

The campaign also aims to encourage parents and guardians to consider alternative methods for the school run, such as cycling and walking, with the average distance from home to school less than 1.5 miles.

Councillor Lisa Preston, cabinet member for community safety, said: “I applaud the maturity shown by the children and for the

passion shown in raising awareness to road safety - they should be very proud of themselves.

“The purpose of this campaign is to not only educate our children and young people on how to be safe on and near roads, but to also make sure that motorists and other road users - the vast majority of which are responsible drivers - are driving carefully near our schools.

“I’m truly grateful to the members of Sutton Smile and staff from our Road Safety Team and Merseyside Police for putting this event together."