Pub’s re-birth to create 20 jobs...

SUPERMARKET giant Tesco want to transform a derelict Haydock pub into a convenience grocery store.

The Huntsman pub on West End Road closed several years ago and is regarded as an eyesore and target for vandalism by many residents.

For several years it has appeared unlikely the site - once one of the most popular watering holes in the area - would re-opened as a pub.

Now bosses at Tesco have unveiled plans which, if approved, would breathe new life into one of the oldest buildings in Haydock and bring 20 new jobs to the area.

The company have already submitted plans to St Helens Council’s planning department.

Doug Wilson, Tesco’s corporate affairs manager, said: “We are delighted to announce our plans to bring a Tesco Express to Haydock.

“Our proposal is to convert the former Huntsman Public House on West End Road and to bring an empty building back into use.

“We have submitted applications to allow us to make some minor changes to the building, however the main fabric of the building will remain.”

Because the proposals are relatively small scale and do not require any radical alterations to the building, they may not go before local councillors on the planning committee and could instead be decided behind closed doors by council officers acting under delegated powers.

The company has written to near neighbour, informing them of their plans.

They have also contacted all three local councillors, providing them with detailed plans.

Mr Wilson added: “Our Express stores are neighbourhood convenience stores, mainly selling food and everyday essentials.

“The new store will be a great asset to the local area and bring with it nearly 20 local jobs and a significant investment in Haydock.”

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