Probe into traffic problems at Burtonhead Road tip

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Council chiefs are investigating complaints a newly-design recycling centre is causing traffic tailbacks at a major borough road.

Residents say the “poor design” of Burtonhead Road tip just outside the town centre means vehicle queuing for access are creating a traffic hazard.

Andrew Dean, of Eccleston, frequently uses the recycling centre but says he is believes a redesign is required.

He added: “Far to frequently when users visit the site, do they have to join lengthy queues on the approach road outside the tip, causing long tailbacks in both directions.

“This results in very dangerous for all passing motorists as they have to ‘negotiate a safe passage’ past the standing traffic, which can tailback as far as the roundabout outside the subway and beyond towards MacDonald’s in one direction and of equal length on the other carriageway towards palletland.

“I was a part of this queue last bank holiday weekend and was sitting in my car for almost 15 minutes without moving.

“I counted over thirty cars on one carriageway and 20 plus on the other carriageway.

“If anyone was to video passing traffic trying to negotiate around these queues it would resemble a seen from ‘wacky races’.

“The queues are created because the barrier on the gates to the tip are down, stopping continuous access to the tip, far too often throughout the day, which is obviously more of a problem at weekends and bank holidays when the tip is at its busiest.”

St Helens Council says it is discussing the ongoing problem with the site manager in an attempt to find a solution.

A town hall spokesperson said: “The council is aware of this issue and has held discussions with the site manager of the recycling centre to ascertain the extent of the problem and how they intend to rectify it.

“Demand for the site is often high which generates traffic congestion, and the council has installed a traffic sign to assist in relieving congestion at peak times.

“As the highway authority the council will continue to assist where we can until a suitable resolution to the current situation is found.”