Prizes for team supporting loving bonds

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The Knowsley Parent Infant Mental Health Service has received national recognition for the work they do in supporting parents to build secure attachments and loving bonds with their babies, whilst breaking negative life cycles.

The service won the Outreach to Vulnerable Groups award, at the National Children and Young People’s Mental Health Awards, which took place on January 7.

The specialist service based in the community to support parents, infants, families and professionals in Knowsley, and is delivered by North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

The Knowsley Parent Infant Mental Health Service, offers a collaborative multi-disciplinary team approach in supporting vulnerable families, which is one of its key strengths.

Clinical Psychologists and specialist public health midwives work jointly in supporting families during the ante-natal and postnatal period, to ensure that much needed therapeutic attachment-based interventions are offered at the earliest opportunity.

This collaborative work has been a huge contributing factor for achieving such a high engagement rate of 96 per cent.

Dr Lisa Marsland, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Strategic Service Lead of Knowsley Parent Infant Mental Health, said: “I am delighted, so proud and incredibly grateful for this amazing recognition. I can’t think of any better achievement than to be receive the Outreach to Vulnerable Groups award, as this is what our service is all about.

“Thank you to our amazing team, North West Boroughs Healthcare, Knowsley children centres and CCG commissioners who have made this service and national award possible. However, the greatest thanks goes to our Knowsley families who work hard to build bonds, break tough cycles, and show what a difference our service can make.”

Simon Barber, chief executive at North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, said: “The work of the Parent Infant Mental Health Service in Knowsley has been fantastic and I’m incredibly proud of the inroads they have been able to make within our local communities, bringing much needed support to the families that need it. To win this national award is a great achievement, which they are truly deserving of.

“They are working with some of the most vulnerable families in the UK who desperately need this service, which will help them breakthrough their difficulties and build on the most important thing in their live – their relationship with their baby.”

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