Prizes for pupils

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Pupils in Prescot and Whiston are being offered prizes for attending school.

The ‘attend, achieve, succeed’ campaign has been launched to encourage pupils to have an excellent school attendance, enabling them to achieve their full potential.

School attendance has been improving in Knowsley schools and this campaign is aiming to increase the number of pupils with 100 per cent attendance by 10 per cent compared to previous years.

Information collected before the Christmas break suggests this target has been exceeded in many schools.

The benefits of excellent school attendance are well known. Being present in school increases a child’s chance to achieve.

Based on recent information from across the borough, improving an individual’s attendance rate from 90 per cent to 95 per cent and beyond can nearly double their chances of gaining good qualifications.

Coun Gary See, cabinet member for Children and Family Services, said: “We know that pupils who have better attendance tend to do better in their exams, and we are keen to celebrate excellence.

“Parents play a key role in this and if children are unable to attend due to sickness, we request that parents notify the school as soon as possible.”

To encourage pupils to maintain excellent school attendance, the gold, silver and bronze medal award campaign has been adopted.

Since it was introduced in September, it has received positive feedback from pupils, who are striving to achieve a gold medal status.

Over 5,000 bronze medals are being issued to pupils for their attendance in the autumn term.