Pregnant Danielle tells of motorway terror

Pregnant driver Danielle Fahey escaped a crash after her car was driven off the road by M6 motorway.
Pregnant driver Danielle Fahey escaped a crash after her car was driven off the road by M6 motorway.
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A mum-to-be had a lucky escape after a high speed motorway crash.

Danielle Fahy was driving along the south-bound M6 close to Haydock Island when another car pulled in front of her.

The 25-year-old swerved her Ford Fiesta in a desperate bid to avoid a collision but ended up smashing into the central reservation.

The car has been declared a write-off but incredibly Danielle suffered only cuts, bruises and strains in the impact.

Medical experts have ruled out any injury to her baby, who she is expecting in June.

Now Danielle and her elder sister Natalie have launched an appeal to identify the young woman driver behind the wheel who allegedly caused the accident.

An appeal on social media has produced some witnesses to the accident, which happened at around 8pm on Saturday, April 25.

Natalie Fahy, 29, is particularly keen to trace the driver because she made no attempt to stop after the crash.

Victim Danielle was driving home southbound when the incident happened.

She said: “The Fiat swerved straight out in front of me from the slow lane.

“All I can remember is hitting the barriers in the middle and spinning around and around and the car coming to a halt on the hard shoulder.

“A witness who contacted me on Facebook was talking about the huge bang she could hear inside her own car when my car hit the barriers down the middle.

“So there is no way that the driver in the Fiat didn’t know that she had caused an accident that, for all she knew, could have left me and baby for dead.

“When I look at the state of my car now all I can think is, ‘God, this could have been so awful’.”

Sister Natalie added: “The fact that the driver failed to stop to check whether she was OK and continued to drive on is really appalling.

“Thankfully a couple stopped to check she was OK and she was taken in an ambulance to check her and the baby over. Through some kind of miracle they are both doing fine.”

“We are just thankful she and the baby are okay, other than some stiffness, back pain and the stress the whole situation has put on to both of them.”

Motorway Police have checked the motorway’s CCTV but have found that it didn’t cover the scene of the incident.

Danielle, of Milton Street, Leigh, has only been able to remember that car was being driven by a young woman with blonde hair.

Natalie said: “We need to find the person that drove off or my sister will be landed with the bill for the claim, excess and the usual increase in her insurance the following year all through no fault of her own.”