Power cut causes rush-hour traffic

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A POWER cut on Monday morning (January 16) caused lengthy rush-hour tailbacks on the approach to the Rainhill Stoops roundabout.

Long traffic jams resulted in all directions as traffic approaching the busy roundabout - at junction 7 on the M62 motorway - faced rush-hour delays of up to three quarters of an hour.

Indeed, traffic approaching the roundabout from both directions on the M62 ended up being backed up all the way down the slip roads and onto the motorway’s slow lanes.

And traffic approaching the roundabout along the St Helens Linkway was backed up for around half a mile.

A Scottish Power spokeswoman confirmed that a “momentary” loss of power in the area caused the traffic lights to flick onto a default setting shortly after 8am, creating chaos for commuters.

She said: “There was a fault at Rainhill Stoops on Monday morning. A momentary drop in voltage, which may have only lasted for a second, put the traffic lights out of sync.

“As soon as the fault was he authorities were then called in to reset them.”

And a Town Hall spokesman confirmed that the council was called in to reset the traffic lights.

One motorist, who was stuck in the traffic jam along the westbound M62 for about 45 minutes, reckoned it was the third time there had been a power cut at the lights in the last week.

On one occasion, he said, the traffic lights flicked off altogether on the Widnes side of the roundabout.

However the Scottish Power spokeswoman denied that there was any other recent power cuts in the area.