Conor McGinn says he will 'stand up and speak up' for people of St Helens

Conor McGinnn
Conor McGinnn

Conor McGinnn MP has asked the constituents of St Helens North to put their faith in him for another term as he begins his general election campaign.

Britain will head to the polls on December 12 after MPs voted Boris Johnson’s bill on Tuesday, with the bill passing through the House of Lords last week.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn launched the party’s election campaign, telling voters they had a “once-in-a-generation chance to transform our country”.

On the same day Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited Addenbooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, where he told reporters he would deliver Brexit and “bring the country together”.

In St Helens, Labour’s Conor McGinn will look to be elected for the third time in his constituency of St Helens North.

Speaking to the Local Democracy Reporting Service, Mr McGinn said: “This is the third election we have had in four years and I know people feel frustrated and fatigued, especially at the thought of an election in the cold and dark of December.

“But I intend to run a positive campaign with solid Labour values at its core as we put forward a genuinely transformative programme for government that will improve the lives and circumstances of people in towns and villages like ours.”

Mr McGinn said he will be looking to focus on a number of vital local issues during his election campaign, as well as the nationally important issue of the UK’s exit from the EU.

The Labour MP said: “While Brexit will loom large during this election campaign, I know people in St Helens North will want to talk about the many other issues that are important to our community, from schools funding and opportunities for young people to the pressure on our GP services and hospitals, from job creation and support for local businesses to action on the climate emergency and protecting our environment, from tackling crime and anti-social behaviour to investing in transport and infrastructure, and from resolving the social care crisis and looking after our elderly residents to challenging cuts to our public services.”

Mr McGinn, originally from County Armagh in Northern Ireland, was first elected to represent St Helens North in 2015 and then re-elected in 2017.

Recently he has come in for criticism from sections of the public for his stance on Brexit.

Back in 2016, Mr McGinn voted to trigger Article 50, saying he wanted to respect the result of the referendum.

But in January Mr McGinn said he had “reluctantly reached the conclusion” that MPs may have to go “back to the people” on Brexit, adding that he would be “vociferously championing” for remain if MPs backed a second referendum.

The risk of taking such a stance is clear, with 58 per cent of voters in St Helens voting to leave the EU in the 2016 referendum.

With a general election now confirmed, the Labour MP hopes his constituents keep faith in him and allow him to continue to represent them in Parliament.

Mr McGinn said: “I’m proud of my record serving and representing our communities across St Helens North over the last four years.

“I live here, my children go to school here and my family is part of the community I represent.

“I’m asking voters to once again put their faith in me as a hard-working local MP and as the strong and trusted voice who’ll stand up and speak up for them in Parliament.”